Well, it has been a great last couple of days and as we move into the next day, I am expecting to hear clearly from the Lord.  In 50 days, we will depart on this new mission ahead of us.  I am excited, and anxious.  But need the peace of the Lord to help me have the faith that he will provide.  Finances are the biggest obstacle, at least in my mind, but He has done it before and will do it again.  Please stand in prayer for us that the favor that has brought us this far will continue in abundance so that God's Kingdom will be poured out on a people and all will experience the Loving heart of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I call you Blessed today!
5/24/2013 08:27:33 am


Great post.
I am going to have the Bible be downloaded on my website in mp3 format. So you can listen to it anywhere you go. In your car, out jogging, at work, etc, etc. Would just like to know how many people would be interested before doing this. Thanks.


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