In just a couple of days we will be leaving for South Africa...WOW!!
And as we come to an end of a season I try my best to reflect upon the journey that brought us here.  A journey sown in tears, covered in prayer, revealed with passion and marked with purpose. I reflect on our time spent as a team preparing and desperately seeking our God for direction...He did not dissapoint! He's proven over and over again his goodness and faithfulness to us...and I cant help but shout "Who is there like YOU, o Lord?!"
Our faithful father has been surprising as he has been good. He gave us a patched up family made out of misunderstood misfits and imperfect people who loved us well and accepted us graciously...what is brotherly love if not THIS!  So, here we are leaving this place which became both a haven of hope and a source of brokenness before our God into an adventure that only He could orchistrate and we pray, desperately once again, that He would lead us.  And though we''ve been called brave, strong and willing...God only knows how scared we've been. Scared of the unknown, of the seeming lack of resources and of dissapointing him.  Frail instead of strong and at times reluctant  instead of willing. But it is in His strength we find joy and in His presence where we find peace...And we pray that we will find courage to sustain us, faith to uphold  us and a willing heart to love and to follow...For HIS Glory, and HIS Glory alone!!