For Monday and Tuesday this week, the session topic was Soul Therapy. Desree, who lead the session, and her husband Mpho work at the YfC National Office in Johannesburg. Desree divided the kids into groups of 6 and brought worksheets for them to write on. I missed the first day’s session but it was basically about admitting that you personally are a broken person. We have all been hurt, and our responses and perspectives are a result of that brokenness and hurt. You don’t always think about it that way, but it is completely true. Our experiences mold our outlook.

Once we put down our pride and admit “I am a Broken Person,” we can move on to healing. That involves forgiveness, which was taken care of on the second day. We first have to identify the people who had a part in our brokenness. Writing names down makes the memories flood back. For this exercise, it helps for the pain or anger to be present because you can deal with it now and make the choice to forgive whoever it was that hurt you. On the flip side, it is at times more difficult to forgive ourselves than others. We don’t let go of the wrong choice we made and keep bashing ourselves about it. We have to let these things go if we want to become a “Recovering Broken Person.”

Desree had everyone sit outside on this most beautiful day and pray about the names we wrote down. We also had to go back and feel the emotions we experienced at the time the person hurt us. We had to feel the bad choice that we once made for ourselves. Then, we had to make the right choice and forgive that person. If you needed to forgive yourself or for God to forgive you, this is the time and place. This exercise was such a freeing encounter.
Stacy Povian
6/7/2010 01:41:30 pm

Oh Alyse, I love this


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